PULSE Preventative Cargo Security Solutions

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Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR Mobile App)
  • Provides paperless compliance & vehicle safety management for all drivers.
  • Drivers can submit pre-trip & post-trip inspections.
  • Report captures GPS location, date, time, photo proof (seal, thermostat, cargo), electronic signature.
  • Generates a PDF report with vehicle details & photos.
  • Each subscription allows up to 2,500 reports per year.
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Proof of Delivery Report (POD Mobile App)
  • Monitor all driver & delivery confirmations.
  • Mobile app captures signatures, photos of delivery noted templates used as proof of delivery combined with GPS coordinates.
  • Generates a PDF report with shipment details & photos.
  • Each subscription allows up to 2,500 reports per year.
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Cargo Intruder DNA Spray System
  • An advanced way to protect cargo using a powerful DNA deterrent.
  • Positively links criminals or stolen property to a specific cargo theft and crime scene.
  • DNA codes unique to a company/trailer.
  • Display warning signage on trailers as visual deterrent.
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Cargo Security Awareness Seminar Training
  • On-site cargo loss prevention & supply chain security awareness training for employees.
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Supply Chain Security Assessment
  • A full on-site physical assessment of trucking & facility security measures to identify vulnerabilities and provide solutions & recommendations.
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Supply Chain Risk Evaluation & Audit
  • Comprehensive audit to identify gaps in policies, procedures, supplier agreements, training processes and troubleshooting processes related to risk mitigation.
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Interactive Remote Video Monitoring
  • The takeover of four on-site cameras, live monitoring & recording 8pm-6am weekly, 24/7 on weekends, two way audio speakers and real-time escalation to police.
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Trailer Security Camera Kit
  • A rugged trailer security camera, 4G, motion detection, night vision, transfer of photos, records video & mobile app controlled.
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Trailer Seal Lock
  • A unique device that combines a high security padlock with a patented design enclosure to provide protection against tampering and lock cutting.
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Cargo Security Escorts
  • Armed and unarmed security escorts.
  • Protection for high value loads.
  • An added layer of protection in high risk areas.
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Driver/Employee Background Screening
  • Best in class driver & employee screening to eliminate potential threats & risk exposure
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Protected by PULSE Trailer Decal
  • Decals can be applied to the rear trailer doors to advertise proactive security measures are in place to secure cargo.

Cargo Theft Interview - Todd Moore

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