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Financial Industry

At ISB Global Services, we understand the unique challenges and risks the financial sector faces.

Our comprehensive employee screening and compliance services are a perfect fit for banks, their staff, and clients to mitigate risks, keep everyone safe, and uphold essential regulatory standards.

We verify and confirm everything about employees, including their qualifications, job history, and professional licenses. This process keeps private customer information safe, prevents theft and fraud, and maintains the highest levels of security.
Whether you need specific background checks for tellers, mortgage loan originators (MLOs), underwriters, or other roles within the industry, ISB can create a customized screening process just for you.

Our background checks are completely flexible, fitting your team’s needs and allowing for adaptability to the ever-changing industry demands while cutting extraneous costs.

Choosing ISB Global for your background check partner positions your team as an industry leader committed to hiring a trusted workforce.

With our expertise, you can focus on providing exceptional service while we ensure safety and compliance.

Screening Services Can Include:

  • I-9 Services
  • SSN Verification
  • Fingerprinting
  • E-Signatures
  • Drug Testing
  • (BAT) Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Credit Reports
  • Criminal Searches
  • License Validation
  • License Expiry Monitoring
  • MVR / Driving Records
  • MVR Monitoring
  • Arrest Monitoring
  • Social Media Snapshots
  • Employment Verifications
  • Education Verifications
  • Insurance Verifications
Ensuring the reliability of your team isn’t a one-time thing; it’s an ongoing promise to keep consumers safe.

We conduct continuous monitoring, including periodic re-evaluations, to ensure that any changes to an employee’s behavior or records are promptly addressed.

This helps maintain your staff’s qualifications and your institution’s safety standards.
In the finance world, keeping consumers secure is critical.

At ISB Global Services, we know that upstanding employees are vital to keeping the finance industry safe.

By conducting thorough background checks and ongoing monitoring, we help financial institutions stay secure, adhere to all regulations (including the SAFE Act), and uphold their reputation.
In addition to mitigating legal risks, screening employees for past issues is essential in minimizing theft or violence in the workplace.

Our background checks can catch warning signs early, making it less likely for problems to occur for the organization or its consumers.

This ensures a safer work environment for everyone, reducing your liability if something goes wrong and protecting your business from potential legal consequences and associated costs.
ISB Global Services recognizes that establishing trust and a reliable reputation is essential in the financial sector.

Showcasing a dedication to safety principles and procedures is paramount to instilling confidence in your clients and enhancing your reputation as a trusted and dependable lending partner.

By conducting comprehensive employee screenings, you actively foster an environment that prioritizes safety and security.

ISB dives deep into employee records, licenses, and relevant certifications to help you find good, trustworthy people. Clients feel safer doing business with a lender that vets its staff, building strong and long-lasting relationships.
ISB Global Services' background checks help reduce theft, fraud, loss, and costly legal implications or non-compliance to industry regulations.

We spot candidates with a history of fraudulent behavior, which helps financial institutions keep their money and their clients’ money safe.
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