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Remote Recruiting: Background Checks Get to the Bottom of a Candidate’s History

Video Interview Background Checks and Remote Recruiting: Guidance for HR Professionals

With so many changes to the nature of work, HR professionals are now tasked with navigating new challenges with remote recruiting. Remote employment is continuing to become more common, and HR professionals will need new tools to ensure the quality of their workforces. Background checks for employment play an important role during remote recruiting, helping to sift through the potentially endless applications that remote positions attract. But remote recruiting doesn’t stop with background checks; HR professionals will need to change their approach to recruitment to sell the values of their company and ensure they attract top talent that will thrive in a remote work environment.

Top Questions on Remote Recruitment and Background Checks in 2022

Here are the most common background check and remote recruiting questions answered when hiring in 2022.

People Discussing Background Check Results What is Revealed in a Remote Background Check?

HR professionals can dive deep into the criminal histories of their potential candidates, helping to make important decisions for remote opportunities. PBSA accredited background check providers can reveal if a candidate has a criminal history, offer details about a candidate’s driving records, financial credit history, and even verify educational credentials.

Remote Background Checks and Pre-screening

A robust pre-screening and background check policy help hiring managers and candidates save time and money during the recruiting process. If your job listing outlines your company’s commitment to hiring candidates without a criminal history, those with problematic pasts will be deterred from applying. Further, regular background checks on existing workforces can encourage employees to behave appropriately outside company hours.

Name Tags and Pens Can Candidates Avoid Background Checks by Changing Their Name?

In some circumstances, candidates might disguise their identity to avoid the negative results that would be revealed in a background check. This can be avoided with identity verification services offered alongside background checks by specialized third parties.

Background Checks and Remote Recruiting: A Different Experience for Everyone

Hiring managers have a new task for remote work opportunities. The days of walking a potential candidate through the office and meeting other coworkers are over, and HR professionals will have to communicate or “sell” the job differently. They need to pay special attention to how candidates perform in a remote environment, navigate potential tech challenges, and whether they can effectively communicate in front of a camera. Some candidates might have the right experience and skills but are not comfortable with remote work environments.

Home Office How Can HR Managers Offer Safe Remote Work Environments with Background Checks?

Remote background checks and screening can take some of the uncertainty out of hiring applicants. Candidates with problematic criminal histories might pose a threat to other employees or those they interact with. Swift and comprehensive remote background checks help HR professionals maintain their company’s duty of care obligations and ensure all employees can work safely without any other complications.

Further, offering details about your company’s commitment to background checks during the hiring process can help deter those with criminal histories from applying to an open position. The result is a recruiting process that is highly efficient, helping to find employees with not just the right skillsets but also those who come with high levels of integrity and values.

Background Checks for Remote Recruiting Powered by ISB Global Services

ISB Global Services offers a wide range of background check solutions tailored to the needs of HR professionals. Explore our suite of products and ensure the quality of your workforce by conducting background checks on new and existing employees. Complete your due diligence and ensure that your employees are free from problematic histories that can hurt your company’s duty of care obligations.

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