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How to Instantly Spot Resume Red Flags

Red Flag Resume Red Flags When Screening Multiple Candidates

It would be irresponsible for HR managers to take a resume at face value. Recruiters are often challenged to find a needle in a haystack when hiring, sifting through hundreds of applications for one role. Quality applicants are few and far between, and many industries are experiencing absenteeism, no-shows, and resumes that embellish and straight-up lie to get an interview. HR managers can improve their recruitment efforts by spotting red flags.

Learn how you can spot red flags and narrow down your search, cut down on screening times, and find the right candidate in a matter of days instead of weeks.

What Are Resume Red Flags?

A red flag on a resume might have an employer think twice about hiring a potential candidate. HR managers can look for these clues, which might suggest that they should choose other candidates.

Interview The Top Five and Most Common Resume Red Flags

These are often considered some of the most common red flags that recruiters can spot on a resume.

1) Poor Spelling and Grammar

Candidates that can’t take the time to properly spell check their resume are likely to not thrive in the available role. Find someone who has put pride and effort into their resume, even if they are still developing their experience.

2) Following Simple Directions

HR managers can put a simple test into their recruitment processes to see if the candidate is good at following directions. Suggest asking for candidates to explain what they know about the company with a few screening questions. Or request that candidates answer a skill-testing question and see how they respond. Those that follow the recruiter’s requests are likely better at following directions and more serious about getting an offer of employment.

3) Using a Current Employer’s Email

It’s generally in bad taste if an applicant uses their current employer’s email to apply for a role. It suggests that the candidate doesn’t respect company time and does not follow existing policies.

4) Non-Specific Cover Letter

Cover letters that don’t specifically reference the role or company might be a generic resume sent to multiple employers. Candidates that have spent time writing an original cover letter for the position might be more committed to the recruitment process and prove to be a successful choice.

5) Lack of Achievements

Even the most basic resume should have some sort of mention of achievements or skills learned. Resumes that mention specific achievements show pride. Search for candidates that showcase experience, skills, and accomplishments that are relevant to the role.

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