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Remote Recruiting in a Pandemic World

The Challenge
Essential services continue to be in high demand during this pandemic crisis. As essential service providers, how do we keep our ability to recruit candidates in a remote setting?

The key to success is the ability to recruit and validate your candidate’s identity from any remote setting. Remote recruiting is the new normal. Being able to verify a candidate's identity remotely is paramount to protecting the hiring process. Our ID Validation Program empowers recruiters to remotely validate identities before investing valuable time in the screening process.

How It Works
With no shortage of data breaches each year, along with advancements in technology, it is not a challenge for unscrupulous candidates to falsify a government-issued ID and assume another person’s identity. Identity authentication is even more critical with remote hires, as your HR team may not be able to assess the original documents in person. ISB Global Services’ ID validation solution authenticates your candidate’s identity by comparing their government-issued ID to the photo taken from their mobile device. Once their identity is confirmed, the candidate will be able to enter their information for a background check, all while being in a remote setting. Once the background check is complete, the recruiter can place the candidate with the confidence knowing that their ID is validated and screened based on the company’s specific hiring requirements.

Step 1
Conditional Job Offer

Step 2
Recruiter sends invitation electronically

Step 3
ID Validation

Step 4
Consent Management

Step 5
Background Check Ordered

Step 6
Report delivered to recruiter

  • An extra layer of protection for the employer in an online environment
  • The responsible way to recruit
  • Mitigates fraud
  • Fully automated
  • Complies with social distancing requirements
  • Cost-effective
  • Confidence in ID Validation while I-9 is suspended

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