Student Driver Qualification Systems for U.S. Truck Driving Schools

Making Eligibility Easy (MEE) for U.S. truck driving schools.

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TransClick Driver Safety Quotient (DSQ) Behavioural Survey

An exclusive product offered by ISB Global Services (ISB). The DSQ measures six personality dimensions that have been linked to unsafe behaviours that can lead to incidents and injuries on the road and in the workplace. These include:

  • Resistant vs. Compliant
  • Anxious vs. Calm
  • Impatient vs. Patient
  • Distractible vs. Focused
  • Impulsive vs. Cautious
  • Thrill-Seeking vs. Apprehensive

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Education verification
Education Verification

ISB's Education Verification process will authenticate your candidates’ educational claims directly with registrars and administration offices. ISB will verify the academic institute(s) attended and, credentials received including the verification of professional and trade licences. Follow-ups are conducted several times a day to ensure a prompt turnaround.

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Driver's Licence

Check Driver’s Licence

From a driver’s licence number, date of birth and consent, this can provide a licence status: valid, not valid (suspended, cancelled, expired or a combination thereof and not authorized to drive), record not found, or driver ignition interlock required.

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Social Media Search

Using a name and other details, this search can provide text and photographic information of an individual or corporation’s online presence through (up to) 80 social media sites including Twitter and Facebook.

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Driver’s Record Abstract

From a driver’s licence number, this report can provide the current driver’s licence status and restrictions. It lists infractions by type and date for the last 2 to 5 years (varies by province). Ontario abstracts will also contain address information when ordered under an MTO Authorized Requestor Agreement (ARIS).

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