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Background Checks for Commercial Transportation

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Background checks for transportation are one the most effective tools to protect your supply chains and ensure goods reach their intended destination without disruption. Internal losses and theft continue to pile up across the rail, logistics, and cargo industries. Background checks for employment can mitigate losses and reduce fraud throughout your business.

Unfortunately, many logistics companies must look within their own company to address internal losses. Internal theft is all too common for the industries that transport precious goods, and a background check for employment, either pre-hire or on existing workforces, can ensure those that work for your company are honest and dedicated. Conduct background checks for drivers alongside ISB Global Services and hire warehouse and logistics professionals free from problematic criminal and driving histories.

Background Check App for Drivers
Background Check Solutions for Commercial Transportation

Screen and conduct deep criminal background checks tailored to the needs of the trucking, public transportation, aviation, and rail industries. Explore our full menu below:

Spot dishonest applicants throughout the hiring process and ensure their claims regarding past employment are truthful.
Uncover driving records of candidates with poor driving habits, including speeding and DUIs.
Take a closer look at the financial records of new and existing employees with credit checks.
Take preventative measures with PULSE, the comprehensive suite of cargo loss and supply chain security tools.
Verify education and training claims made by candidates and employees.
Ensure candidates are whom they say they are with facial recognition software via our mobile ID verification tool.
Confirm the validity of a SIN or SSN and ensure candidates have been truthful; verify given names, date of birth, and past places of residence.
A deep social media search can reveal controversial opinions and problematic behavior of candidates or employees.
Uncover if candidates have been flagged for or suspected of being part of a terrorist organization.
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