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Access underwriting information efficiently and more securely through ISB Global Services.

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ISB Global Services (ISB), a household name in the insurance claims industry, has recently become involved in supporting document sourcing and automatic access for insurance underwriting clientele. As the data landscape changes, ISB is well suited to meet the needs of our insurance underwriting customers. Designed with an emphasis on data privacy and IT security, our API platform enables real-time connectivity and the flexibility to access many key insurance underwriting data sources used today.

Whether you are looking to populate your data lake or innovate your underwriting processes with a fully functioning and automated commercial underwriting platform; ISB is by far the most efficient and effective provider of Insurtech solutions in the market.

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Insurance underwriters choose ISB for significant value propositions:
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The Power of Automated Rules Management

There’s no doubt that the management of business and underwriting rules can be complex, time-consuming, and lead to inconsistencies causing servicing problems. It doesn’t have to be that way! Automated business rules management, when properly implemented, can help companies achieve several operational benefits, boost agility, improve service and the bottom line. ISB’s BUMP Platform allows rules to be consolidated in a centralized, automated engine that can be configured and deployed with unique workflows for each use case to meet the specific needs of businesses.

BUMP Platform Components

  • ID Management
  • Data as a Service (DaaS)
  • Digital Decisioning Platform (DPP)
  • Digital Scoring
  • Reporting and Analytics

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BUMP Platform Components:

Leverage a mobile first candidate experience to easily gather & capture applicant consent, e-signatures with an ID payload anywhere, at anytime, using any device. Authenticate an individual using facial recognition & OCR/2D barcode reading technology with validation of ID security features for over 400K Govt. IDs.
Seamlessly charge clients for the service through the integrated payment gateway accepting all credit cards, debit and Paypal.
Direct access to digital applicant data to validate experience and qualifications quickly and accurately. ISB offers over 70 data partnerships providing insurance underwriters with access to a wide selection of critical records for drivers, vehicles, property, and claims for underwriting purposes. Our API connectivity allows immediate and real-time access to numerous critical vendors and products, including driver's record abstracts, driver licence status checks, VIN data, claims data, credit Information, property assessment information, PPSA lien search, subrogation data and social media reports.
Combine the best of humans, AI and rules for automated decisions. Hundreds of pre-programmed rule sets and the ability to customized decisioning for commercial auto underwriting. Intelligent, consistent and automated rules decisioning in seconds.
Reduce risk, increase accuracy and drive-up productivity by using AI to score your interactions. Customizable scorecards provided in multiple formats from PDF to API integration.
Single view dashboard using Power BI. Customizable criteria providing insight in API / PDF formats. Full site line on all transactions, data and stakeholders.
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BUMP Driver Assessment Platform automates the processes of:

  • Authenticating an individual via an online Mobile ID Management verification process and gather all the appropriate consents & signatures
  • Automating the ordering & payment of the necessary qualification documents and service components.
  • Providing digital decisioning by comparing the data from the qualification documents to the agreed business/underwriting rules.
  • Delivering an automated Scorecard reflecting whether the underwriting rule met or did not meet the established criteria
  • As agreed, provide copies of the source underwriting reports to all permissible stakeholders

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Benefits of the BUMP Platform includes:

  • Configurable automation that supports many commercial auto and ride share use cases
  • A solution that greatly improves turn around times & increases productivity
  • Direct sourcing of the data/reports ingested by the underwriting engine to verify information, combat fraud & reduce risk
  • Central repository for documents & signatures with date/time stamps to support audit requirements
  • The solution can be deployed without any major IT involvement, or investment. The BUMP platform is a web enabled / browser-based solution. All that is needed is access to the Internet from the desktop
  • A quick return on your investment

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