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Cutting Corners – Is it Worth the Risk?


Stressed Employee When we cut corners, we are taking short cuts. Why do we do it? Most of the time, it’s done to save effort or to find a cheaper or easier way to do something or get something done quicker. The problem is that when we cut corners, we often harm the quality of our work or put others or ourselves at risk of unforeseen issues or deficiencies.

We all know that the housing market in Canada is hot right now. If you are looking for a home, especially a resale, you have to be quick to get the home that you want. You’re competing with many other buyers who are interested in the property as well, so making your offer as attractive as possible is important. Therefore, making that offer attractive means having to accommodate a shorter closing date or waiving certain items on your home buyer’s checklist. Often, the corner that gets cut is the home inspection. Estimates show that only 15% of home sales in the Canadian province of Ontario include a home inspection. You might think, “what’s the risk?” Without a home inspection, buyers can be burdened with the responsibility of dealing with major issues, such as structural problems, foundation cracks or leaks, and, quite often, mould. However, these could all arguably be considered as items that don’t necessarily affect the public and can be dealt with in time.

If you’re involved in the trucking or logistics/distribution industries, you know that there is an ongoing driver shortage, with an estimated shortage of 80,000 truckers in the US and 25,000 in Canada. Recruiters for these sectors face the same challenges as homebuyers do. If they do not act quickly to hire a driver, they run the risk of losing them to another company. So, recruiters cut corners. They take short cuts. They forego necessary items on their checklists. If a driver has a photocopy of their criminal records search letter with them, the recruiter will accept it. If the driver has a photocopy of their driver’s abstract and Commercial Driver Vehicle Report (CVDR) with them, the recruiter will take those documents as well. They do so because they know that the alternative is to have the driver supply an original document, which can take time. Sometimes, it could take days or weeks to have the driver obtain a criminal records search letter or a driver’s abstract and a CVDR. Time is something they cannot afford in the fast-paced business of finding drivers. Accepting photocopies gets that driver hired faster.

paperwork So, again, what is the risk? Quite simply put, accepting photocopies of documents puts the company at risk of fraud and tampering, which could potentially put a driver with a criminal record in your employ, or a driver with a less than desirable driving record behind the wheel of one of your trucks. Cutting corners during the recruiting process can create major issues and can potentially burden your company with enormous liabilities. One accident or one theft of cargo puts the public, as well as your people, property, brand, information, and reputation at risk.

There is an alternative, which is to obtain the required documents to qualify a driver directly from the source. If there is a solution that speeds up the driver qualification process and eliminates the risk of fraud, is cutting corners worth the risk to the public and your company?

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Ensuring the thoroughness of background checks for commercial truck drivers is a non-negotiable aspect of maintaining road safety and business integrity. ISB Global Services understands the severe implications of cutting corners in this process. By offering rigorous and detailed background checks, ISB ensures that every driver's history, qualifications, and potential risks are meticulously evaluated. This adherence to detail helps organizations avoid the costly pitfalls and risks associated with skimping on background checks, thereby ensuring safety, compliance, and peace of mind in the long run.
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