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What are the Most Common Types of Background Checks?

Woman on Computer Background checks are a vital tool for organizations across various industries, ensuring the safety, integrity, and reliability of their workforce and operations, with 93% of companies worldwide utilizing some form of employment background checks, according to a 2021 survey. As the need for thorough vetting processes grows, businesses aiming to make informed hiring decisions need to understand and familiarize themselves with the predominant types of background checks and how they are instrumental in safeguarding the interests of businesses and organizations.

Criminal History Checks

Criminal history checks are the cornerstone of the background check process, providing insight into an individual’s criminal record. These checks can reveal convictions, arrests, sentences, and, in some cases, pending legal actions. They are essential for assessing the risk potential of candidates, especially in positions that demand high security or involve working with vulnerable populations.

Employment Verification

Employment verification checks confirm the accuracy of an applicant's work history. This process verifies previous employment claims, including positions held, durations of employment, and, occasionally, performance insights. Such checks help employers ensure that candidates possess the experience and skills they claim, reducing the risk of hiring someone based on falsified information.

Education Verification Education Verification

Similar to employment verification, education verification checks validate the educational qualifications listed on a candidate's resume. This involves confirming degrees, diplomas, certificates, and the institutions from which they were obtained. Education verification is crucial for roles that require specific academic qualifications and for industries that highly value an applicant’s educational background.

Credit History Checks

Credit history checks are conducted primarily for positions that involve financial responsibilities or access to sensitive financial information. These checks provide a snapshot of an individual’s financial stability and responsibility, revealing credit scores, outstanding debts, bankruptcy records, and payment histories. While not applicable for all roles, they are vital for the financial sector and other positions involving the management of significant funds.

Professional Licensing and Certification Checks

For roles that require professional licensing or certifications, such as healthcare, legal fields, and specific technical fields, verifying the validity and status of these credentials is essential. These checks ensure that candidates are duly licensed and certified as per regulatory and industry standards, thereby upholding professional integrity and compliance.

Driving History Checks Driving History Checks

Driving history checks are crucial for positions that involve operating a vehicle as part of the job’s responsibilities. These checks provide detailed reports on the status of a candidate’s driver’s license as well as their driving record, including any traffic violations, accidents, or DUI convictions they may have. These verifications help employers assess the risk and reliability of individuals who will be driving company vehicles or whose role requires substantial travel. By ensuring that drivers have clean and safe driving records, businesses and organizations can minimize the risk of accidents and liability, promoting a safer working environment.

Drug Screening

Drug screening tests are an increasingly common part of the pre-employment background check process, especially in industries where safety is key. These tests aim to identify recent use of recreational drugs or misuse of prescription medications, contributing to workplace safety and compliance with drug-free workplace policies. These tests often screen for illegal drugs, but they can also screen for marijuana, even in locations where it is legal, as well as for alcohol.

Social Media Checks

With the pervasive influence of digital footprints, social media checks are becoming more common. These checks can offer insights into a candidate’s behavior and character outside of a professional setting. While useful, they must be conducted with respect to privacy laws and ethical considerations. Some candidates may have also maximized their privacy settings on their social media profiles, heavily limiting the information that such checks can uncover.

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