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5 Most Common Types of Fraud in the Insurance Industry

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5 Most Common Types of Fraud in the Insurance Industry

1) False Claims
One of the most common types of insurance fraud is making a claim for an accident that was stagged or never happened. Slip and fall claims are probably the most popular because injuries are hard to disprove, and potential payouts can be high.

2) Inflated Claims
Inflated claims can happen at any time, but they tend to be prevalent in the wake of natural disasters. Whenever there is a natural disaster large enough to affect an entire region, the area almost invariably becomes flooded with scam artists and hucksters trying to make a buck off insurance companies.

3) Disaster Fraud
During a disaster, chaos generally ensues. This creates a perfect environment for a wide range of fraudulent activity. Due to the high volume of claims, insurance companies simply do not have the personnel available to go out and investigate every claim.

4) Faked Death
Faking one’s death is a frequent occurrence. The premise is fairly simple; a policyholder will take out a large life insurance policy on themselves and then pretend to die.

5) Insurance Company Fraud
Not all insurance fraud is committed by policyholders. A great deal occurs with the insurance companies themselves. Common infractions committed are premium diversions and fee churning.
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